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C & V Supplies Pty Ltd

C & V Supplies Pty Ltd in response to the global aids epidemic was the first company to legally install condom vending machines in Queensland. The first machines were installed in Gladstone but demand for a reliable machine dispensing quality products soon had machines installed throughout eastern Australia. With support from federal, state and local health authorities this originally one-man business has expanded to a 2nd generation family business with national recognition. Machines can be found in hotels, service stations, rsl/sports clubs, night clubs, surf clubs, airports, public toilets, universities and colleges throughout Australia.

We now sell condoms, novelties, personal lubricants, dietary products, female hygiene products and condom vending machines online through our new gocondom website.


Our Condoms are made from natural latex, which can cause an allergic reaction in rare cases. If you are allerigic to latex or develop skin irritation after use, please consult a Doctor. Whilst Condoms are currently the best barrier against pregnancy and the spread of disease, 100% protection cannot be guarenteed.

The use of Tampons has been linked with an increased risk of Toxic Shock Sydrome. For further information, please consult the information leaflet in the product package.